Auction Lots

How you will be able to see and bid on the auction lots in our next auction:

Click a lot image to enlarge. After enlarging the lot image, you can see details of the image by running your cursor over the image. Or you can click the magnifier in the upper right corner of the larger lot image to enlarge, then click one more time to enlarge further. To remove the enlargement click on the black background.

If you are using a tablet or cellphone, instead of clicking to enlarge, you can use your thumb and forefinger moving apart from each other to enlarge. To reduce the enlargement use your thumb and forefinger moving toward each other.

For lots with multiple images: after you enlarge a lot image, click the smaller lot image/s below the larger lot image to see those additional images. 

Click BID now to enter your bid for a lot, and place bid in the bid box, then click Place Bid after you see the details and information for that lot. Please bid only in $5.00 increments (multiples of $5.00 and $10.00).

If after placing a bid, you receive a red banner with the notice that your bid equals another bidder’s bid amount, you have the option of changing your bid. If you change your bid, it is important to refresh the page before placing that bid. If you do not refresh the page, the red banner will continue to show, and it does not mean that you need to keep raising your bid.   

After the auction starts you will be able to see all of the lots you bid on and whether you are winning or losing each bid on the Auction Lots page; you will be able to see a green “winning” or a red “losing” banner on the lot image or by using the Auctions link on your My Account page .

If you are outbid you will receive an email saying that you were outbid and a link to increase your bid. We suggest you make the first bid on a lot your highest reasonable price in order to avoid multiple outbid email notices.

You will be able to search for categories using the Search products box in the upper right of this page. Type in the category or lot number then click return. (i.e. celluloid, book etc…)

A day or two after the end of the auction we will send you an invoice with the total bids you won plus the buyer’s premium and shipping total. There will be a 13% buyer’s premium added to your total (with a 3% discount for payment using a US money order or a US check).