My Account

The My Account page is where you will access your Dashboard, Account details, Auction lots you are bidding on or watching and, Login/Logout of your account.

Click on the links below these instructions to view your account information:

  • Dashboardis the link that you click to return to your My Account page.
  • Account detailsis the link that you click to manage your Username ID and Password
  • Auctionsis the link to click to see the lots you are bidding on, your current bids and Watchlist. (The purpose of the Watchlist is to watch the lots you are interested in revisiting. To add lots to your Watchlist click the “Add to Watchlist” link on the enlarged page of each lot.)
  • Logoutis the link that you click to log in and out of your account.

Register, start a watch list and bid from Sept. 11-26, 2021 by completing these steps first:

  • Step 1: fill in this form to provide payment information.
  • Step 2: create an account to register or log in if you have created an account before.
  • (You must provide the payment information AND register to be able to bid in our auction.)

Note on Registration:
If you have registered for our auction before, and remember your user name and password, you can use those to sign in for the current auction. If you do not remember your user name and password, please email us using the “Contact” button above and we will send you a reminder.



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