Notes For Bidders

Once you have registered to bid, and start bidding, your bidder name will show in the “bids” box, but will be scrambled when looked at by other bidders. This provides anonymity for each bidder.

The bidding on all items goes up from the starting bid in increments of $5. Examples:

  • if the bidding is at $75 and you bid $200, the current bid will then be $80, if only one other bidder is in the picture . 
  • or, if someone had placed a $70 bid and someone else placed a $100 bid, it went to $75; and when you come in with your $200 bid, it will go up to $105, as you have now beat out both the  $70 bid and the $100 bid. 
  • the bid will not reach your $200 until someone else has bid $195, or more.

Please note: By bidding on lots in this auction, you are committing to purchase those lots on which you are the highest bidder. Once you place a bid, you may not cancel it, so please look carefully at the numbers you have typed before you push the “yes I want to make this bid” button.

  • Immediately after you place a bid it is important to refresh that lot’s page, so you can see where the bidding stands. If you are the high bidder, your maximum bid will be visible below the Place Bid Box, and it will be there when you return to this page, if you are still the high bidder.
  • You will be able to see all of the bidding for each lot on a drop down menu to the lower left of the image of the lot, where it says “Bids”.
  • All bids you have made are visible to you under My Account”/ “Auctions. You can see your Watchlist here, too, as well as those bids you have placed but are not winning. The word “products” refers to lots bid on.
  • Also, the main Auction Lots page will show a red or green banner on each lot you have bid on, that tells whether you are winning or losing that lot, (as long as you are signed in).
  • The term “AUTO” in the “Bids” box under each lot’s image shows the increase in bids when a jump happens automatically due to an earlier placed maximum bid. The amount of the jump happens based on two or more competing bidders.
  • If after placing a bid, you receive a red banner with the notice that your bid equals another bidder’s bid amount, you have the option of changing your bid. If you change your bid, it is important to refresh the page before placing that bid. If you do not refresh the page, the red banner will continue to show, and it does not mean that you need to keep raising your bid.
  •  If you are searching for a category of button, use the “Search” box in the upper right corner of the page. You can type a descriptive word or a lot #. 
  • If you are outbid on a lot, you will receive an email notice with a link that you can click in order to increase your bid if you want to.
  • To avoid disappointment, you may want to place your maximum bid sooner than the last few minutes of an auction.
  • When you have won a lot after the auction is completed it will show up in your My Account”/ “Auctions, after a few minutes, under “Bids Won“. After the auction is completed your unsuccessful bids can be seen under “Bids Lost“.
  • At the end of the auction, all realized prices will be viewable for a period of time.
  • It will be possible to arrange for pick-up of won lots, instead of having the lots shipped. This can be arranged at the time of payment, after the auction is over.

Please feel free to email with questions about how to use this site or about specific lots. Use Contact link above.

Please read the Terms and Conditions for bidding on our auction lots.

Please read our Privacy Policy.